Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carnival Adventure

Carnival Adventure  by Carl Schneider

I watched my children laugh today.
I watched them stand in line.
I smiled from within & I couldn’t contain it.
I watched them jump into many adventures, each one a piece of life – the ultimate adventure.
I laughed at my children today – not with arrogance or malice or spite, but simply because I was a part of their world… and children laugh.
I was a part of my children’s world today.  I made them take my by the hand so I could keep them safe… no, so I could lead them safely through my world.  In reality, they took me by the hand and led me safely into theirs.
I laughed with my children today.  I am Dad.  I am Husband.  I am Head-of-household.  I am Protector. I am Teacher.  I am a man of responsibility.  When I was a child, I lived as a child, but when I became a man I put childish things away… reluctantly?  No, begrudgingly… resentfully… almost with a promise of vengeance whispered within – silently mourning a wrongful death, and refusing to let go of it.
            But, my childhood is gone.

I have children now.  I am no longer a child.
Children are a gift.  God Almighty has given me 6 wonderful gifts –
      Because He loves me
      Because He trusts me
      I am Dad… a man of great responsibility.
      My childhood is gone now.
My children took me by the hand and led me safely into their world today.
      Because they love me
      Because they trust me
      They let me share their childhood.

I thank You, Lord, for the wonderful gifts.
      I love You, too
      I trust You

I thank you, children, for the wonderful gift.
      I love you, too
      I trust you

I laughed with my children today.  I am a man of tremendous responsibility…
      But, today…
            I became a child again.


  1. Ok,for a first attempt,i have to be completely honest, i love you man ,so take it for what it is,with that being said....
    Absolutely amazing, I think you have managed to explain to someone without children what it means to have them. i believe you still see life with childlike fascination and your children add the colors in life that complete your vision. I am blessesd to say that you have been in my life.

  2. Pretty sweet amigo...